Loan Protection Products

Guaranteed Asset Protection – (GAP)

If your vehicle is stolen, accidentally damaged beyond repair, or otherwise declared an insured total loss, your auto insurance company will cover the replacement value. However, you remain liable for payment of the difference between the insurance settlement and the remaining loan balance. This deficiency can amount to thousands of dollars.

With Guaranteed Asset Protection your remaining loan balance is paid in full, saving you months of payments on a vehicle you no longer own.

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Mechanical Repair Coverage – (MRC)

Purchasing a new car is a big decision and so is choosing the right protection product. With Mechanical Repair Coverage you can protect your vehicle and your finances from expenses that could total hundreds or even thousands of dollars!

In addition to vehicle repair coverage the plan also includes rental reimbursement, 24-hour toll-free roadside assistance and emergency travel expense.

Coverage is also available for eligible used vehicles that are no longer covered by a manufacturer’s warranty.

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Debt Protection

Help protect your loan. Help preserve your standard of living.

Thinking about taking out a loan to make home improvements or to buy a vehicle? You should take steps to protect you and your family in case something unforeseen happens. You’re betting you can pay back your loan and you won’t lose your job (through no fault of your own), or become disabled (due to injury or illness), or need to take family leave, or pass away—which could leave your family responsible for your loan balance.

Debt Protection is a voluntary loan-payment protection product designed to help you get relief from loan payments if a protected life event unexpectedly happens to you.

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Quotes and Additional Information

To obtain loan payment quotes and additional information about our Loan Payment Protection products, please contact any branch office and speak with a loan officer.

Financial Calculators

We have a variety of calculators to help you decide what loan will be right for you!

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*Not all products are available on all loan types. Please contact our loan department for further information.